George Chamoun. (is that your cousin Lailah? lol)

He is a 26 year old guy from Stockholm, Sweden. Currently studying Jewellery Art.  I love the way he uses celebrities photographs, from two different eras, to create something quite unique and interesting.
A fusion between patterns, shapes, and the anatomy of the artists. He named the project Iconatomy from the words “icon” and “anatomy.”

Natalie Portman – Audrey Hepburn
George Clooney – Cary Grant
Angelina Jolie – Elizabeth Taylor
Robert Pattinson – James Dean
Scarlett Johansson – Marilyn Monroe

“The pictures are not morphed in any way. What you see is a collage of two different people in each picture. Did it take me a long time to find the right pictures? Hell yes it did!”

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From The View From Here Collection

This inspiration features my photograph of Cannon Beach, Oregon shot from a rest area in late October.

© Jeffrey Slater All Rights ReservedListen :: Cannon Beach Oregon USA

The background was created from a digital image I shot of wood and then a little Photoshop work with flourishes added. Hope you enjoy it.