Chain Letter Photography Project

Sometime in early November, Florida photographer Chip Litherland will load five 35mm cameras with color film, carefully pack them into shipping cases, and mail them to five different photographers around the globe. Each photographer who receives a camera will be challenged to shoot just one picture before they have to ship the camera on to someone else.

This is such an inspiring article on so many levels. The project is named the FOCUSED project—to slow things down. Create with purpose and not adding to the visual clutter that is so common.

Even better, this project will donate from the sale of prints to various youth organizations.

“We’re donating the money to support the organizations that are teaching visual storytelling and helping children develop their voice through photography,” says Litherland in the article. “We’re in this to profit mentally and visually, not monetarily.” Nice!!!

The full article courtesy of wired is here→

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TtV photography: how to create vintage-style photographs

This is a very interesting concept and the first I’ve heard of it.

In this article from The GuardianAngie Muldowney demonstrates how to create unique, vintage-looking photographs with all the convenience of a digital camera. The complete article is here→